14-11-2015  12:02

Sorry, i haven't been online for a long time. Im  working on another project right now, i will soon be back!

New site!
24-07-2015  20:58

I have some good news! I just opened a new site! its called BFG (Best Free games) where you can download some games for free, but note: we don't have many games on there right know, but until then you can even submit which games you want to see so we can put it in! you can also buy games from here until we have alot of games on there!


link: www.bfg.simpsite.nl

30-06-2015  20:41

Thank you guys for buying games and have fun! You guys are the best for visiting and buying from this site! Not me!!

30-06-2015  16:03

Hey guys, Welcome! This is a site where you can buy gamesVERYVERYVERY CHEAP! This page is a blog about this site and me! Have fun! You can see SOME games in the Games/Prices page, and if you want to buy them, go to the 'How to buy a game' page!